The Beauvais Airport

/The Beauvais Airport

The Beauvais Airport

[blockquote text=”Upon your arrival in Paris via Beauvais airport, a driver welcomes you with a sign on which is registered in your name and he will take you directly aboard a spacious vehicle to your destination. Book a private transport to reach the Beauvais airport whatever your place of your departure in Paris.” show_quote_icon=”yes” text_color=”#1970b7″ quote_icon_color=”#1970b7″ border_color=”#ffffff”]

The Beauvais Airport today

The Paris-Beauvais-Tillé  Airport or the Beauvais Airport is located  near the Beauvais city . The Beauvais Airport is the first choice for low-cost departures in the Paris region. To go there, book your private shuttle, and enjoy your journey  to discover Paris.


The Beauvais-Tillé airport offers many parking for the travelers who want to leave their cars there.  Prefer a car with driver for more serenity.

Services and shops

The Beauvais Airport has many services and shops including the restoration relaxing places (Relay H, Duty Free Shop, Restaurant, bar, pizzeria, Casino mini Market) and commodities (Foreign Exchange Office, ATM, Tax refund , airline counter, tourist information point).


The passengers also have the choice of 6 vehicle rental enterprises with varied options and prices. They can also choose taxis that follow several itineraries towards the Beauvais city center, the Porte Maillot in Paris, the Disney park or the Charles-de-Gaulle airport in Roissy.

Numerous destinations

The airport carries the traffic towards national and international destinations and it also open to private flights. It is mainly operated by 3 airline companies, Wizzair, Blue Air and Ryanair that counts for for 84% of traffic and serves more than quarantine destinations in Maghreb, North et East d’Europe, and towards countries such as Spain, Italy or even UK.

International Show

Every odd year since 1953, The Paris Air Show is being held at Paris-Le Bourget airport.

The event which also organizes in Berlin and Farnborough for even years is one of the most important in the global aviation industry.

Its history

The airport was built in 1930 before redeveloping and improved by Luftwaffe “German Air Force” during the Second World War. It served as a military air basefortheGerman fighter planes, until

September 1944 where became an allied base until August 1945, the date from which it will serve the French authorities for military purposes.

It has to  wait until 1956 so that it opens to commercial traffic with a first binding to England. During the 1990s, Ryanair will establish a connection to Dublin.

The Terminal 1 opened in 1980 to allow reception of the passengers. In December 2010, will follow the opening of the Terminal 2.

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